How To Use The Cart

This is an extremely detailed account of how to use the cart. Some steps you won't need, but others will help you understand how the cart is used and will help your shopping experience become much better.

Step 1

Choose a category you would like to look at.

Step 2

Once you click on a main category, you will then see a list of sets or singles to look at. Find a single or set of designs you'd like to look at and click on either the picture (thumbnail image) or the name of the design set or single itself.

Step 3

Option 1 = is a size window, the zips include all formats, and the size you choose will determine which zip file you will download.
With this option, if you don't pick a size and you wanted the larger size option, I'm sorry, but you will have to come back and purchase the correct size.


Option 2 = is a format choice.


Option 3 = includes all formats in the zip file.

Step 4

Once you choose the option you want, click on Add to Cart. One of the cool features about this cart is that if you login it will hold your items in the cart until you delete them from the cart, or pay for them, should you decide not to get them that day.

Step 5

In each page of the site, if you add a design to you cart, you will see the shopping cart box on the right side of your browser. When you click on the product name, it will take you to the product description page for that design. If you click on the words "Shopping Cart [more]" it will take you to the cart itself. (image on next page showing that link)

Step 6

Two ways to get to the cart are by clicking on "Shopping Cart [more]" in the box on the right side of your browser, and once items are added to your cart, the buttons in the top area of the page will appear as shown below, you can click on Shopping Cart or the Checkout link.

Step 7

Once you click on Shopping Cart links, you are brought to this page. You have several choices here, Delete the Product by checking box under delete button, then click on Delete button. Click on Continue Shopping to add other products or browse the site, you can also choose to Checkout.

Step 8

Two ways to checkout


The above is from viewing the shopping cart page.

Step 9

Time to Checkout!!!

Step 10

It takes you to the login page, if you have already created an account, you will simply be asked for your email address, and the password you created when you created your account for the first time.

Step 11

Please fill out all information for my records.

Step 12

This just lets you know that your account/login has been created.

Step 13

Third step in the process of checking out, please confirm everything at this point, if you have a coupon code, you will enter it where it says Redemption Code, if you have special needs, please list it in the box as well so I can answer any comments in email.

Step 14

Final Step of Ordering Process.

Step 15

PayPal step 1

Step 16

Paypal Step 2

Step 17

PayPal Step 3

Do not close this window, click on Continue, or Paypal might also automatically forward you back to the LJI Designs checkout page. The page contains your download information as shown in the picture in Step 18. If you close this window at Paypal, you can come back to LJI Designs, and "Log In" to your account, click on the product line, and then download your product from there.

It's possible you will see this window instead:

you will not have to click on continue should you see this window.

Step 18

When you get to the download page, you will find the "Download" button near the bottom of the page, however, should you see the following:

it is because the cart could not confirm your address at paypal, possibly you chose the option at paypal for "No Shipping Address Required",

 by doing so, you stopped this cart cold from allowing you to download the items you purchased. You will have to write me and let me know. I will discuss your options with you at that time.

Step 19

This is my firefox download window, it may not look exactly like yours as my firefox has a theme and several addons for downloading.

Step 20

This is your basic Internet Explorer download window.

I recommend you save the zip file to your hard drive versus using the "Open" button, the open button will open your file, but it doesn't save your file to your hard drive unless you tell it to do so, which you could have done just by clicking the "Save button.

Step 21

Tell your hard drive where you wish to save the file to.

Step 22

Your download progress window.

Step 23

This is the text only version of your receipt after your purchase.

Step 24

This will be the html version of the receipt you receive in email after your purchase.

Step 25

For LJI Sample designs, you will go thru the cart process basically the same way as you would when purchasing a design, the only differences you will see are via these steps in the cart.

The above represents the button you will see when the sample is free.

Samples that are available on the site not thru the Samples page, are added to your cart. You will see the "Free" button for free samples available only by going thru the cart process.

The cart uses a "card" like interface to process your sample design, so the name "LJI Designs Free Sample Card" will show as your form of payment when you are processing samples thru the cart.

Otherwise the process is still the same for downloading samples.

Step 26


If an item is already in your cart, you will see that when you click add to cart just above the button.

When you are at the download page, you can choose to be sent an email when the design has an update to it. By default, the box is not checked.

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