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I have been interested in sewing since I was ten years old. I had one of those toy machines that frustrated me... not to mention my father, because it always needed to be fixed. I was the recipient of many sewn gifts from my paternal grandmother - and this inspired me to learn to sew. Although Home Economics was only required for one year in high school I took it for all four years.

Some of the inspiration for embroidery came from watching Sewing with Nancy. She had a series where she stitched over very thin 'knitting needles' to make pictures too and I found that fascinating. I purchased my first embroidery machine and and PeDesign v1 in 1998.

I have free designs in the archives at Ann the Gran.

I am always trying new techniques. If you have any suggestions for sets or single designs please email me and I'll see what I can do to accommodate you.

If you need a design digitized at a reasonable price please contact me with details. Photo Stitch designs are also available upon request. Please visit the custom design page for information on photo stitch designs.

Visit my Links  page for some of my favorite sites.

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Linda's designs can also be found at Stitchery Mall
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