Custom Digitizing


I offer custom digitizing service for regular designs (filled) and photo stitch designs. Please use the form linked at the bottom of this page to request a custom design.

Photo Stitch Designs

I use PeDesign and Embird Sfumato to make photo stitch designs. The differences between these two programs are immense. PeDesign generally makes a denser design with layering of the colors. Sfumato blends the colors and the resulting design is much less dense than those made by PeDesign. If you choose Sfumato design, please let me know what color of fabric you wish to stitch the design on. Sfumato designs vary greatly depending on the color of fabric you plan to use to stitch the design on. Please check the photo stitch section of the FAQ page to read about the differences between the two types of photo stitch designs offered.

The four designs below are examples you can download and stitch out to determine which type of photo stitch design you want digitized.

PeDesign Egg Sfumato Egg
PeDesign Square Sfumato Square
  • You must own the rights to any image you want digitized. If you do not own the rights to the image you must request rights from the owner of the image and provide a release to me before I will digitize it.

  • I will not digitize any studio photograph without a release from the photographer.
    Download the photo release form here

  • Please be sure the photograph is at least 400x600 pixels. The larger the photograph is, the better the resulting design will be. Please send JPG format only.

  • The subject of the photo should be large enough to ensure a good design.

  • Please read the Photo Stitch section of the FAQ for information about this type of design.

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY... follow the color file I provide for you when you stitch the design out. The colors at the machine do NOT reflect the colors I choose for designs.

  • Use the form on the next page to submit your request for a custom design.

  • After you stitch out your custom design please consider sending a picture of your project to display in the Custom Designs Gallery, now called Custom Digitizing Examples

  • Please fill out the form to request a custom design. I will get back to you as quickly as possible to work out arrangements to digitize your design.

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