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Photo Stitch Designs
Designs in this section of the store are created using PEDesign and Embird Sfumato embroidery programs. These designs utilize "negative space". This means that the fabric is an integeral part of the design. There may be few or no stitches in the 'white space' so your choice of fabric color is important. Most of my sample stitched designs are stitched on white muslin.

Always stabilize the fabric well to ensure a good stitching experience. I hoop cut away stabilizer and fabric together in the hoop for my test stitching. For larger designs I use rubberized shelf liner strips on the long edges of the hoop to keep the fabric from shifting during stitching.

The main difference between photo stitch designs created with PEDesign is that these designs use a layering of threads to achieve the subtle shading. Designs created in Sfumato are less dense and utilize a blending of threads and the density rather than layering them to achieve the shading.

Designs prefixed with PHO were created using PEDesign. Designs prefixed with SFU were created with Embird Sfumato.

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