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New York, USA

I encourage you to write me with any problems you are encountering either with my designs or with this website. I ask that if you are writing concerning a problem with this website that you please tell me a few things:

  1. Your windows operating system.

  2. The browser you're using and version.

  3. Your dialup connection.

  4. What you were doing or going to in the site when the problem occurred

All correspondence is answered in a timely manner. Most within 24 hours. I will make every attempt to help you with problems you encounter, but files will not be sent in email. They must be obtained at this website via the instant download features for freebies and purchased goods.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write.

Please be sure to type your email address correctly. I can't respond to you if your email address is entered incorrectly.

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Owned and operated by
Linda Jo Inman
2000-2007 LJI Designs
New York state residents will be charged 8.25% sales tax.

Linda's designs can also be found at Stitchery Mall
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